Our Story

Julie McCall has a degree in Landscape Architecture. After working in her field for 16 years, she left the corporate world to slow down to a manageable pace and get back to being creative. One of her interests was to make cleaner burning soy candles.....after she discovered her windows had black soot from the paraffin candles she burned!  In 2008, she made some massage candles and sold out at a retail show. Now, the Lotion Candles are the main focus of her candle business.

Vince McCall has retired from 28+ years at Lockheed Martin Co. Photography has been a passion since he was in high school, using a Canon AE-1 and Kodachrome film. Things have progressed from there, his equipment has evolved,  and he is able to spend much more time travelling (more than 30 countries visited, and all 50 of the United States). Thanks to his lovely wife, now president and chief executive officer of Artistic Solutions Ink, he is able to shoot to his hearts content and make these artistic photos available to the general public.

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